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Broadway Dental Clinic

Sedation Dentistry and Sedation. Our dental team at Broadway Dentistry is able to offer sedation dentistry as a service to our patients

Oral Sedation

  • Many patients avoid necessary dental treatment or preventative care because of anxiety or fear. At Broadway Dental we find that administering oral sedation allows these patients to receive the necessary dental care. Oral sedation or conscious sedation is available to our adult patients for routine check-ups and cleanings as well as for dental procedures.

Oral sedation is a safe and effective option for patients with high and debilitating dental anxiety which interferes with their obtaining necessary dental care. Anxiety may have many different causes; unpleasant previous experiences, strong gag reflexes, difficulty with freezing, fear of needles/drills, or heightened sensitivity to sounds or smells. Whatever the cause, oral sedation causes a profoundly relaxed state which allows a patient to remain conscious and responsive during treatment, but often with little or no memory of the appointment.

Sedation patients are thoroughly screened for any medical contraindications as well as for possible drug interactions. At the sedation appointment, the patient is given an anxiolytic, such as triazolam. We constantly monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. Once a state of deep relaxation is achieved, dental or hygiene treatment is begun. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn if sedation would benefit you.

Patients desiring this option must be accompanied by a reliable adult to and from the appointment.

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Saturday - Sunday Appointments

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